Stainless Steel Cleaner, Rust Remover and Protector Kits w/ Free Gloves and Sponge Protect and Preserve Your Stainless Steel Surfaces Effortlessly!

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Rust remover kit. Easy to use and convenient

  • POLISH STAINLESS STEEL: Erase smudges, marks, dirt & grease from appliances stoves refrigerators sinks & grills
  • RUST REMOVER & PROTECTANT: Our organic soft cleaner removes rust & our conditioner prevents rusting
  • 100% ORGANIC: Natural, safe & suitable for food industry appliances / machinery or your home kitchen
  • FREE BONUS INCLUDED GLOVES & SPONGE: So you have everything you need to start cleaning when your package comes
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: If you are not satisfied with our product, return it for a full refund

Rust remover kit includes:

  • One bottle of Innohine B570 Rust Remover
  • One bottle of Innocare B580 Protectant
  • Bonus: One sponge to apply the product
  • Bonus: One pair of rubber gloves for mess free rust remover and cleaning


Innoshine B570, and Innocare B580 are 100% organic.


Our Innoshine ad Innocare products are NSF approved for food surface use, and people friendly, therefore safe for the use on machines in the food industry and pharmaceuticals.


This rust removal starter kit has all of the stainless steel cleaning abilities in one easy to use rust removal bundle. This kit will enable you to clean rust off stainless steel and other metals.


This kit is great for Automotive rust repair and prevention with easy instructions on how to remove rust.


Great to use as a rust remover on your stainless steel bbq grill.

Remove rust with an organic cleaner in a safe way.

Cleaning stainless steel appliances was never easier.

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