Our Story and the Stainless Steel Rust Business

How We Became Stainless Steel Rust Cleaning Products Distributors

When our business was mainly importing Stainless Steel faucets for the kitchen bath and outdoors,  many of our customers would ask us to recommend a polish/rust cleaner for their outdoor stainless steel showers and faucets.  We tested many different cleaning products from all over the world, and were thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the results of Aceros products.  We would send all of our faucet customers to the website to purchase Aceros products.  After many years of using the products, we were able to become the North American distributor for Aceros Metal. The products are truly the best Stainless Steel Rust Cleaners on the market. They not only do a better job of cleaning stainless steel than any other product on the market, they are also very safe and chemically organic.


Stainless steel and aluminum are used more and more often in many public places, and every day articles in various branches and industries. Stainless Steel metals are durable and low maintenance, however stainless steel is not maintenance free!  It is important to keep your metals clean and maintained with a good stainless steel rust remover.

With regular maintenance you will prolong the lifetime and prevent corrosion situations, and ensure that the metal will remain looking good (aesthetically). Whether we are talking about stainless steel or aluminum, Aceros Metal Treatment provides everything to keep your metal rust free and in the best condition possible.

Safe And Organic Stainless Steel Cleaner

Aceros Metal Treatment offers the solution to remove rust, prevent corrosion and other tarnishing on non-ferrous metals. Our approach is to use this unique line of organic stainless steel cleaners for cleaning and maintaining stainless steel.